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Football Predictions of this Week

Find the lastest football predictions for the following upcoming matches:

Adidas Copa Mundial

1.Adidas Copa Mundial

Every football fan knows the Adidas Copa Mundial. The Adidas Copa Mundial is a classic football shoe with great and timeless design and style. The Adidas Copa Mundial is often mentioned as the Copas since it’s timeless use of this football shoe.

Even though the Adidas Copa Mundial is a classic football shoe Adidas keeps on innovating this football shoe. The latest add ons were different strips on the shoe in order to improve the football players power and swerve.

Nowadays the Adidas Copa Mundial is known for being the best selling football shoe all times. By tweaking this all time classic shoe Adidas keeps on innovating without loosing it’s classic characteristics.

Adidas football shoe users: Lionel Messi, David Beckham Mesut Ozil, Steven Gerrard

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Nike Premier

2.Nike Premier

The Premier by Nike football shoe is a re styled classic football shoe. It’s first design in 1971 got innovated by re newing different sorts of leather. Beside changing it’s leather composition the Nike Premier add different kind of strips and spots in order to improve the users agility, ball technique and ball control.

The rich history of Nike is all inside this football boot. During the US World Cup in 1994 the Nike Premier gained a lot of recognition being the first football shoe that changed the leather composition in a shoe in order to get more grip.

The Nike Premier is known for it’s reflected in the cleat, black leather with the classic Nike logo on both sides in the same size. The style of this shoe is simple and classic. The premium leather is used for perfect upper sets benchmark and its softness and feel are impressive for leather-based boots.

Nike football shoe users: Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, John Terry

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Puma King

3.Puma King

The Puma King is a real icon in the football world. Lot’s of boot lovers and designers are impressed by both it looks as it’s football related results. The Puma King is known for being a real classic shoe before fancy designers added their gimmicks and remarkable colour combinations.

The Puma King is known for being used by all different kind of football players in the field. Both strikers and defenders have pleasant experiences with the Puma King.

Even though the Puma King classic looks the Puma reasearch & development department keeps on adding several innovating add-ons for better football performance. The Puma King is a recommendation for every football player on the pitch.

Puma football shoe users: Santi Cazorla, Samuel Eto’o, Gianluca Buffon, Michael Carrick

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